Tucson Recovery & Wellness Center

An Integrated Tucson Health Care Clinic

Are you feeling Overwhelmed & Helpless?

Bobbie Shepard’s IMMUNE RECOVERY AND WELLNESS is a unique Tucson health care clinic created to assist you in achieving and maintaining your optimal level of health. Many people use conventional medicine but also want the naturalness of alternative medicine, because Bobbie Shepard brings 30 years of clinical experience to her patients she can give the best of both modalities. She truly listens and cares about her patients. She believes she is a partner in your wellness care.

    • When was the last time you felt as if someone really listened to you?
    • Does your lab work continue to come back “normal”, but you still do not feel well?
    • Are you tired of hearing “It’s all in your head?”


Meet Bobbie Shepard

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